How do I get started Vaping CBD?

how to get started vaping cbd

Vaping CBD is one of the most bioavailable ways to take CBD. This means that it gets into your bloodstream faster than other ways, such as eating the cannabinoid.

You want something that is going to take effect quickly, you want to get try vaping CBD, but you don’t know where to start. Do you want flowers or e-liquid? Do you need dry herb or a normal kit? Can you vape CBD in your normal vape device?

We’re here to answer all your questions in relation to “how do I get started vaping CBD?”

What juice do I need for vaping CBD?

If you are going down the e-liquid route then you will want a vape juice which contains CBD. The CBD e-liquids do not contain nicotine. If you are quitting smoking then you will need to think of that as a separate mission, with separate e-liquid.

CBD e-liquid contains varying amounts of CBD. We suggest that you start on a lower dose and work your way up when you see how it feels for you.

What device do I need for CBD e-liquid?

CBD vape juice is thin so it is best suited in a beginner device that is mouth to lung. CBD e-liquid isn’t designed for its cloud production, so you just need a basic kit. For the simplicity, we like the Aspire Pockex, Endura T18, Nautilus AIO and Athena Pod Kit. If you want something a little chunkier with a LED display telling you battery life and watts then look at the X30 Rover or the Aspire Zelos.

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are a dry herb to be used in a dry herb vaporizer. They contain legal amounts of THC which will not get you high. Furthermore, they contain terpenes which have their own added benefits, providing you with the entourage effect. Once you have vaped your flowers you can then eat the leftover plant matter by mixing with chocolate and topping brownies, sprinkling on butter or in your cooking. See our brownie recipe here.

How do I use CBD flowers?

For CBD flowers you need a dry herb vaporizers such as the PAX. You grind up your dry herb and load it into the bowl. From here you heat and vape the CBD flowers. Once you have vaped the herb you can use the leftover plant matter as ABV bud – already been vaped.

Where do I start with vaping CBD?

What you choose is up to you, your preference, and your budget. Vaping dry herb can be more expensive mainly because of the initial outlay of the price of the dry herb kit. Whereas you can pick up a decent vape device for e-liquid for a reasonable price. You can buy CBD flowers, e-juice and the devices you need to vape them at CBDStar.

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