The British are well known for a cuppa tea. A proper brew. In fact, in Britain, we drink Over 165 million cups of tea a day. However, that’s not the only hot drink we are consuming. We also drink 70 million cups of coffee a day. 

 If you are someone contributing to these figures then you’ll be interested to hear about CBD tea and whether you can add CBD to coffee. Could things get any better? Firstly we will dive into CBD tea bags, then we will look at adding it into your morning cup of coffee or tea.

What is CBD tea and does it even work?

CBD can be added to lots of edible and drinkable products. As well as being vaped and dropped directly into the mouth. CBD tea is infused with the cannabinoid and other flavourings, depending on which one you choose. This does not contain the cannabinoid THC which has psychoactive effects, so you can rest assured that you won’t feel high after your cuppa! 


5 interesting benefits of using CBD tea 

Reducing anxiety

There is something about sitting down with a cup of tea and taking a moment that can help us to relax. CBD tea takes that feeling one step further. Adding herbs and CBD to the mix makes for a seriously therapeutic drink. The herbs in the speciality teas are specially selected to work in synergy with CBD to help reduce anxiety. You will find herbs associated with calm, such as Kava, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Tulsi and others in these teas. This can help to promote feelings of calm and anti-stress. 

Aiding Sleep

If you are having one of those nights where you see every hour on the clock, then you may benefit from a warm cup of CBD tea. This can help you drift off by reducing anxiety and relieving you of your aches and pains that might be keeping you up. Before bed, you want to avoid a caffeinated drink, switch your bedtime cuppa for a c|annabinoid tea instead.

Reducing inflammation and pain

CBD has been known to help reduce pain. Whether you are suffering from muscle aches, joint pain or anything else, CBD could help. The cannabinoid changes the way in which your body perceives pain. 

Helping with sickness

If you are ever feeling nauseous then you can google how to make it better, and no doubt it will suggest ginger. Ginger is known to help ease dodgy bellies, and it tastes delicious. Mix this with a dose of CBD and the magic happens. 

Ease period pains

CBD helps relax smooth muscle tissue. This is the muscle type which lines your uterus and it needs to chill during the time of the month! Have a warm cup of tea and let the pain be a thing of the past. If the tea isn’t hitting the spot, check out Our Remedy, a CBD oil specifically for women, made by women. You could always add a drop of this into your tea or coffee, or even hot chocolate!

CBD oil in coffee

Can you add CBD oil to coffee and tea?

Yes. You can. Or you can buy already infused CBD teabags and coffees. In fact, there are more and more coffee houses offering CBD hot drinks, allowing users to combine caffeine and legal cannabis oil. 

Why combine coffee, tea and CBD?

Ever had a takeaway coffee and got that busy, can’t focus on anything, need to move, anxious, feeling? This is because the caffeine in coffee can cause jitters. 

If you are someone who feels a level of anxiety after a cup of Joe, then you will be glad to know that CBD has been known to reduce anxiety.

When coffee and CBD are combined you will enjoy an energy boost, without the negative side effects that come with a strong black coffee.

Another reason why you might combine coffee and CBD is as a pre-workout. During a gym session, you will require energy from the caffeine. Then, post-workout you can enjoy the reduction in pain and inflammation from the CBD. Reduced DOMS means you’ll be able to get into the gym sooner, and up the stairs too! 

How do I combine the cannabinoid with caffeine

Of course, you can add your own CBD oil drops to your coffee or tea. However, you need to keep in mind the heat of the drink. Some studies have found that when heated at too high of a temperature CBD can degrade. 

For this reason, it may be best to add your CBD oil to an iced coffee, latte or instant coffee or tea that you have allowed to cool down. 

You might notice that the oil sits on top of a watery cup of instant coffee or tea, however, it is still fine to drink. 

Will I taste CBD oil in my drink?

CBD can taste nice, or not, depending on the brand and your own personal tastes. However, when you add a few drops of CBD to your hot drink you shouldn’t be able to taste it as the flavours of the drink should dominate it. You might add a drop of flavoured syrup to your coffee or sweetener to your tea if the flavour isn’t enjoyable for you.

CBD oils to add to your tea and coffee

Know the rules 

Before you add CBD oil to coffee or tea, make sure you know whether it is legal in the country where you are. CBD doesn’t contain THC and won’t have psychoactive effects, so in theory, it should be legal.

However, some locations still see it as a controlled drug. Make sure you know the laws in your country before you start sipping.

What’s better, CBD tea bags or adding my own CBD to tea and coffee?

It really is personal preference. When you use a CBD tea bag you are good to add hot water and go. Adding your own CBD oil will take a little more effort, not much though. When you add your own CBD oil you will have more choices of strengths and you’ll be able to turn your favourite tea or coffee brand into CBD tea or coffee.

CBD tea’s to try

Is CBD tea and coffee worth a go?

CBD tea and coffee are tasty ways to enjoy CBD. It should take around 20 minutes to take effect, depending on a few different factors. CBD tea could change your life, but you won’t know until you try it!

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