There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. In fact, now there seem to be more ways than ever. You can use edibles, capsules, cosmetics, bath products, protein powder, flowers, tongue drops and CBD e-liquid. Each different way might appeal to you for various reasons. In this blog, we are going to specifically look at CBD tongue drops and CBD e-liquid, the two most bioavailable and popular ways to take CBD. 

CBD Tongue Drops

What are CBD tongue drops and why are they different from CBD e-liquid?

CBD tongue drops are designed to go in your mouth, either under the tongue or the inside of your cheek. CBD e-liquid is mixed with ingredients which help it to move through the vape device, such as PG. You should not vape CBD oil drops or ingest CBD e-liquid.  

CBD tongue drops – The benefits

Tincture drops are easy to administer. You simply lift your tongue and squeeze the oil from the dropper. This then finds its way into your bloodstream within around 30 minutes, depending on your metabolism. There are many benefits of using CBD tincture drops, here are a few:

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require any additional kit
  • Results in around 30 minutes
  • Control the dosage easily using the dropper
  • Discrete 
  • Come in various flavours
  • Available in various strengths 

Vaping CBD – The benefits 

Vaping CBD is the fastest way to get the cannabinoid into your system. It can have an effect in a matter of minutes, which is ideal if you have pain, anxiety or stress that you want to resolve fast. Vaping CBD will require a vape device, which doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the best kits are the smaller starter devices, these range from £10-50. Here are a few benefits of vaping CBD:

  • Fast relief
  • Easy to use
  • Different flavour e-juices to try 
  • Authentic flavours 
  • Available in various strengths 

Which is better?

CBD tongue drops and CBD e-liquid are both top ways to enjoy the cannabinoid. If you have never vaped or smoked before then you might be best with the drops. This is just because you might not feel comfortable with something unfamiliar. 

If you do already vape you must remember that CBD e-liquid is not suitable for big tanks as it is high PG and can lead to leaks. It is best to have a separate tank or kit for your CBD. Also, nicotine degrades CBD, so don’t get them mixed up! 

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