You can use CBD in a number of different ways. You’ve got tincture drops, edibles, e-juice, drinks and CBD flowers. Different methods may appeal to you to various reasons. We know CBD flowers can be a source of confusion to some, which is why in this blog we are going to focus on this dry herb. We will look at how to use the flowers and what the benefits might be.

What is CBD flower?

A CBD flower is a cannabis bud. You will find them on the cannabis plant, and they look a lot like illegal cannabis. However, these dried flowers contain the legal limit of THC which is less than 0.2%. Users can enjoy the therapeutic and medical benefits without the psychoactive effects, therefore it is legal here in the UK.

How do I use CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are dried and can be vaped in a dry herb vaporizer, such as the PAX 3 or G Pen Pro. You cannot use your regular vape device to vape dry herbs. Lots of the dry herb devices can be temperature controlled allowing you to find the sweet spot for your dry herb.

To use the CBD in the vape you need to grind your dry herb. You then load it into the device and pat it down with the tool you are given. Then follow the instructions for your specific device on how to heat and vape your herb.

You can even bake with CBD. How about popping some flowers in your baking or cooking? However this may reduce the bioavailability of the CBD. If you do not have a dry herb vaporiser or if you don’t want to use CBD like this then baking might be the way to go.

Why CBD flowers?

Using CBD flowers in a dry herb kit has a number of benefits over other CBD products. For example, vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to take it. It enters the bloodstream quickly which is what you need if you are trying to get relief from an ailment or condition. It does not have to mix with stomach acids like it does with edibles therefore takes effect quicker. The buds also offer the entourage effect, meaning that you get added benefits from the terpenes in the flower.

What can CBD flowers help with?

CBD has been found to help with a number of ailments and conditions. These include:

  • Cancer
  • Anxiety, PTSD and depression
  • Parkinsons
  • Epilepsy
  • Headaches and nausea
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Inflammation and pain

There are numerous other conditions that CBD has been found to help with. You can read all about these different conditions on our blog or watch our video. This will help to determine whether CBD flowers or any CBD products are right for you.

If you’re looking at dry herb vaporising and CBD flowers then have a look at what we have on offer here.

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