There have been big changes for CBD (cannabidiol) laws in South Africa in 2019. Cannabis and all its components, THC and CBD, were previously listed under the Schedule 7 substances, alongside Heroin. However, in May 2019 CBD was taken off that list, making it legal to buy and sell in South Africa. When you look to buy CBD in your country there are a few considerations to ensure you’re getting what you ask for. We share tips and advice on buying CBD in South Africa.

Where do I buy CBD in South Africa

When you buy CBD in South Africa you need to make sure it is actually cannabidiol you are buying. You do this by asking the seller to see the certificate of analysis. If they have nothing to hide they should be more than willing to share this with you. Unfortunately, some CBD sellers add the synthetic cannabinoid Spice and sell it as CBD. Spice, known as the zombie drug, can cause hallucinations, sickness, psychosis and other unwelcome symptoms.

What can CBD help with?

CBD has been found to help with a number of mental and physical conditions. These conditions include depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disorders, epilepsy, Parkinsons, cancer, headaches and more. CBD has been used for thousands of years as alternative medicine. In fact, Queen Victoria was said to use CBD to help with menstrual cramps

Why is CBD legal and cannabis is not?

CBD does not contain any THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant that gets you ‘high’. As CBD doesn’t have this within it, or in very small quantities, it is legal in South Africa. Some CBD will contain trace amounts of THC, this is just due to the way in which the cannabinoid has been extracted from the plant. This is called Full Spectrum CBD and will also contain terpenes for added benefits.

Can I buy cannabidiol from CBDStar and have it sent to South Africa?

We ship all of our CBD products worldwide. You can order on our website and have your items delivered to your doorstep. As CBD is legal you won’t have any trouble ordering it online and having it sent to you. We will also provide you with a certificate of analysis for our products if you request one. 

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