2019 has seen some changes for CBD laws in South Africa. With CBD becoming ever more popular as people realise the benefits, you might be wondering about these laws. For example, there are the obvious questions, such as is CBD legal in South Africa. Then there are the not so obvious ones, such as is there CBD Shop delivery South Africa and where can you take CBD?

In this blog, we will be sharing everything you could need to know about CBD laws in South Africa, as well as answers to your other questions. 

CBD Laws in South Africa 

Previously CBD and THC were listed under schedule 7 substances. This means that it was categorized with drugs such as heroin and cocaine. However, in May 2019 CBD was taken off that list. It does not have any psychoactive effects and has positive outcomes. CBD is now legal to buy and sell in South Africa. 

Is there CBD Shop delivery South Africa

CBDStar delivers worldwide, including to South Africa. You will have CBD shops cropping up in South Africa now that it is legal to buy and sell. However, you need to make sure these shops are trustworthy.

You need to make sure that it is an authentic cannabinoid you are buying, not a synthetic one. This synthetic cannabinoid is known as spice. Spice can cause sickness, psychosis, hallucinations and a feeling of being ‘high’. To make sure you are buying what you are said to be, ask for a certificate of analysis. If a seller is happy to share this with you then you are good to go. 

At CBDStar we share information on all of our products. We believe that transparency builds trust.

Are there restrictions on where to take CBD?

As CBD is legal you shouldn’t find any restrictions on where you can and can’t enjoy CBD. However, if you choose to vape CBD you might need to check that you are allowed to vape in the area. Some places do not allow you to vape where smoking is banned, so check this out first. 

Will the CBD laws in South Africa change again?

Since CBD has been made legal, it shouldn’t change again. It isn’t something that has negative side effects or psychosis. However, keep your eye on the CBD laws in South Africa with the occasional Google of the question. 

If you are interested in learning more about using CBD in South Africa or having CBD delivered to South Africa, then read or blog “Is CBD legal and where do I buy CBD in South Africa?”

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