CBD oil has hit the mainstream with more and more people seeing the benefits of the cannabinoid. The popularity of CBD oil can be seen across the globe, from the UK right through to Australia. In this blog, we’re going to answer a few key questions: what is CBD and where is best to buy CBD oil in Australia?

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, along with THC and 100 others. While THC and CBD are the most well known, they are not alike. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant that will leave you feeling ‘high’. CBD is therapeutic and has health properties, however, it will not get you high.

It has been known to help with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, nausea and more. Need to know how else CBD can help? Here is a blog on the benefits of CBD.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. When vaped, eaten or dropped on your tongue it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors within our body. This is how CBD effectively treats conditions.

Where is best to buy CBD oil in Australia?

When you are looking for somewhere to buy CBD in Australia you want to choose a reputable company. CBD should not get you high. However, some products on the market masquerade as CBD but contain the illegal synthetic drug, spice. Not credible retailer would touch that stuff.

CBD is legal in Australia so you should have no trouble getting it even on the high street. However, if you prefer to do your shopping online then look at our products, all of which we ship to Australia. We have CBD flowers, e-liquid, and tincture drops.

Best CBD vape juice

One way to take CBD is by using a vape device. Using your CBD e-liquid you fill up your kit and take a draw. This is one of the fastest ways to take CBD as it enters your bloodstream quicker than other methods, such as eating it.

If you are looking for CBD vape juice to send to Australia then have a look at The Green House. This brand has various authentic flavours containing terpenes. The terpenes within the CBD offer the entourage effect. The e-liquid contains 300mg of CBD and comes in a 30ml bottle.  The Green House can be shipped to Australia when you order from CBDStar online.

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