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CBD Shop Whitstable is inbound. A lot of activity is going on behind the scenes here as we get CBDStar ready for 2019 to open it’s first bricks and mortar CBD specialist shops in the Kent region and beyond.

The Whitstable Gazette picked up on the story and posted an article that drew a lot of attention. The original article led with ‘Cannabis’ shop to open in Whitstable, that seemed to polarise opinion. A fair few Nimbys commenting, but with any new industry it is always going to attract some unfair attention. Importantly, we will be able to service the needs of those who are firmly supporting the growth of CBD and just as you can buy headphones from a petrol station, you ultimately buy mostly from a specialised store. Be that on Amazon, Ebay or Curry’s etc. CBDStar is a CBD led brand, which identifies as a company that will offer a wide range of brands with a team that understand the products.

How do we differ to other shops selling CBD?

So how are we different to Holland and Barrett and other shops that may sell one or two items? Well exactly that reason; we stock a full range of CBD in a wide range of delivery methods and strengths. We have been working alongside Vape and Juice TV to produce a number of informative short youtube videos from ‘The CBD Guy’.

Check out our latest CBD video on Top 5 CBD vape kits for sale here:

Top 5 CBD vape kits for CBD eliquid

So if you are looking for a CBD shop in Whitstable or Canterbury that understands the products they sell and can help you navigate the product range, we believe we can be those people for you.

CBDStar opens it’s first CBD shop in Whitstable on Oxford Street in January 2019. We will be open 7 days a week, so if you want to check out how we can help you buy CBD, then give us a visit and have a browse. If you are the type to want to buy CBD online, then you can browse our product range now.

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