CBD stands for Cannabidiol. This compound is a cannabinoid found in the controversial cannabis plant. It is extracted from the plant and used for medicinal purposes. This is something has been done for thousands of years, but more recently scientists are looking deeper into the plant and its effects. No doubt you have been hearing more about how it might help you.

What will CBD help with?

CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, has been studied to find how it helps with various ailments and conditions. You will notice that some of the evidence is anecdotal whereas others are researched.

CBD has been found to help with the following conditions:

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Studies have looked into how it can help with anxiety. In one study, a group of anxiety sufferers were split into two groups. Half were given CBD and the other a placebo before a public speaking session. Those who took the CBD reported feeling less anxious.

Another CBD study by the National Eczema Association found that from using a CBD based product sufferers saw improvements in their condition. In fact, endocannabinoid cream improved the itch and loss of sleep by 60%. 20% of the patients stopped their topical immunomodulators and 38% stopped using their oral antihistamines by the end of the study.

How do you take CBD

There are a number of different ways to take CBD. You can vape CBD using either a vape kit or a dry herb vaporiser, using either e-liquid or flowers. You can also use tincture drops, capsules, gummies and creams.

The best way to take CBD is the way you feel most comfortable doing so. If you have never vaped or smoked then you might prefer using the drops.

Will CBD get you high?

You might assosiate cannabis with psycoactive effects, however CBD will not get you high. CBD does not contain any THC which is the psycoactive part of the plant. This also means that CBD is legal. You will only ever get trace amounts of THC in your cannabiol product and nowhere near enough to get you high.

Where do I buy CBD near me?

Now you know all about this cannabinoid and that CBD stands for Cannabidiol, you will want to know where do I buy CBD near me. You can shop online for your products and have them delivered to your door.

We ship CBD products all over the world so you don’t need to find a CBD shop near me. We can bring things to you!

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