By 2022 the CBD industry is protected to grow to 22 billion dollars. It is no wonder why people are interested in how to set up a CBD shop. This growth is huge. In fact, there aren’t many other industries growing at such a fast rate as CBD that you can easily get involved in. It is big business, and it will continue to grow – do you want a piece of that pie?

Who are CBDStar?

CBDStar is a retailer focusing predominantly on selling CBD products. These include CBD e-liquid, CBD oils, CBD vape kits, CBD flowers and even CBD for dogs.

Easily set up a CBD shop

If you are considering starting a CBD business then a franchise opportunity could be for you. Our offering isn’t all about a massive investment from you, it’s about helping you to become part of the industry.

Your investment

Creating a good retail experience doesn’t have to be about big budgets. In fact we know how to produce a high quality retail experience with a lower budget. For example, you won’t need to spend money on things like using in house shop fitters, instead we will direct you with shop plans on how to do it yourself. You can get involved with the CBD business without a huge investment.

Our experience with previous businesses will serve you well as we can share what we have learned. Therefore you will be given to tools to set up a successful CBD shop as you have a decent knowledge base behind you.

Our History

The founder of CBDStar is David Mason. He also founded a company called Vape and Juice. Vape and Juice has grown from one retail shop in Southend to 30 shops across the UK, with a start up capital of £5,000. This makes him well positioned to grow further businesses on a lean start-up with limited budget. We carry these values across to CBDStar.

How to contact us

Email [email protected] for a chat about starting your own CBD shop. Or fill in your details at the link here. CBD Franchise Opportunity.

How to set up a CBD shop franchise

2 thoughts on “How to Set up a CBD Shop

  1. sharon coleman says:

    I would be interested in an intial chat regarding a CBD franchise.

    Please let me know when you are free? My mobile phone number is: 07940 359 737.

    Many thanks and best wishes


    • freddiew says:

      Hello Sharon,

      Please drop us a call on 01227 634090 asking for Freddie Wild regarding CBD Franchising.


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