Online CBD shop with the a new CBD store to buy CBD eliquids and oils

Online CBD shop is a brand new online marketplace for CBD oils, full spectrum CBD eliquids and a host of other hemp, dry herb and CBD products. Having seen the proliferation of CBD products in mostly vaping stores, retailed by those with little interest in the wellbeing arena, we wanted to offer an alternative.

A keen interest in the sports and lifestyle space led to the launch of CBDStar by it’s founders. Due to a background in competitive activities, a healthy eating restaurant chain and a sports supplement website, made us think that there was a need for a purely CBD focused shop.

Where is CBDStar based?

Based in Whitstable where we are HQ’d, CBDStar is planning on opening our first physical stores in 2019. This means you can come by and ask questions on the broad range of products we supply. Whether you are looking for CBD for your coffee, or even a pet friendly CBD drops, we can cater.

Our website offers a free shipping service irrespective of the order size. Our goal is to offer a user friendly experience; as a result any questions can be asked on our live webchat. Therefore it’s our hope you find our store useful and easy to shop with. But if you have any questions or comments on how we can improve, we always welcome them.

Finally, for getting this far, feel free to use this discount code ‘CBD10’. The code is a little thanks for coming by and takes 10% off your basket total. 🙂 

Do you want to find out more about CBD? Why not check out common CBD beginner mistakes, in a video we put together.

Head on over to the CBDStar Channel at Vape and Juice TV, to see a host of CBD videos.

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