Perth has been described as ‘effortlessly cool’. It is a blend of urban land and natural beauty, bursting with bars, restaurants, shopping and life. This city is one of Australia’s sunniest areas, with hot and dry weather reaching 31 degrees around February. If you are an Australian CBD fan looking for more information then we are here to tell you everything you need to know. From the legal status to the best ones on the market and why, along with where to buy it. 

Is Australian CBD legal in Perth?

You may or may not know that CBD comes from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is illegal in many countries the world over. This is due to the THC content found in cannabis. THC has psychoactive effects, it is the cannabinoid that gets you ‘high’. When you use CBD the aim is not to get ‘high’, the aim is to get relief. You may need relief from pain, inflammation, seizures, cancer symptoms, periods pains, menopausal symptoms, headaches, sleep disorders or anxiety. 

So is CBD legal in Perth? Yes. In short. However, you may find that a prescription is required in order for you to purchase it. If you currently take medication then ask your doctor whether CBD will interfere with what you are currently taking. It is not known to have side effects, however, it is best to err on the side of caution. 

Top 3 products every Australian CBD lover needs to try

Ignite CBD – Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Drops

Ignite CBD is a new brand on the block, which is proving very popular. The company, brainchild of Dan Blizerian, offers CBD for every situation. Whether you are looking to focus, energize or chill, there is a dose on the market. If you are having sleep issues or trouble relaxing then we suggest you opt for Ignite Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Drops. These are easy to use and taste delicious. Simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue and wait for the effects to kick in. 

Green House – OG Kush e-liquid

OG Kush has an earthy, pine and woody flavour. It is ideal for improving drive, motivation, attention and focus. Great for before big work meetings! The Green House range has terpenes blended within the e-liquid. This means that you get the benefits of the entourage effect, as it is more than just CBD. Terpenes within this e-liquid include Beta-caryophyllene (7.5%) Limonene (18%). Myrcene (13%). Find out more about terpenes and the entourage effect in our video. This is to be vaped in a vape device.

CBDfx Gummies

Gummies are a quick and easy way to get your dose of CBD. These 100% vegan, CBD gummies are packed with 5mg of pure, organically farmed CBD oil. As with the e-liquid, these teddies also contain terpenes to work in synergy with the cannabinoid. You might use these as a sweet treat to help you get relief from a symptom you are suffering with. These gummies might be small, but they are mighty! 

Where can I buy CBD products in Australia?

If you are an Australian CBD lover then you will enjoy browsing our website to see the 1000’s of products we have listed. We have everything from e-liquids and oils to creams, lotions, bath bombs, protein powder, cosmetics and more. We also stock CBD flowers, dry herb vaporizers and e-liquid vape kits. 

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