At CBDStar we believe in self-care, not selfish care. We care about our customers and we care about the world around us. We want to build a trusting and caring relationship with customers, which we demonstrate through our business model.  

Our Core Values

We are a small business and aim to look after our planet and customers too. There are ways in which we demonstrate our core values, these include:

1. Committing to act in the best interests of the planet

2. By being transparent and open with our product

3. By committing to uphold a standard of customer care that treats people how we want to be treated 

4. Creating an opportunity

It is one thing us writing these values down, but we can also go a step further and prove how we care by various acts that we follow daily to ensure that we follow self-care, not selfish care. 

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all of our products. We know that customers don’t want to shell out an additional cost for postage. This means that you can spend more money on actually buying products. We will never hide costs in delivery fees. 

Same-day email reply

Once you have placed your order with us you will get an email the very same day giving you confirmation. This helps to build trust, particularly if you are buying from us for the first time. 

Loyalty offerings

We wanted our website to be able to offer rewards for loyal customers as a way of saying thank you for supporting a small business. 

Replying to every review

When you leave a review for us, we will always reply. We want to know that we appreciate that you took the time to review us and help us to grow. 

Webchat domestic-based

Our web chat is operated by humans. Humans who work in the CBD business and can answer your questions just as they would if you were in store. 

Social media that has advice led content strategy

Our social media channels aim to be more than pretty pictures. At CBDStar we want to advise you, give you tips and tell you more about how CBD can help. We also have a blog with a wealth of information on CBD, including research updates.

Shop with us and you will see our self-care, not selfish care core values and how they run through our whole business.

And just so you know we do what we say – here’s our application 🙂

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