Sometimes you can’t always get into town. We have busy lives and if you work out of town, you might find it even trickier to find time to get to a CBD shop. This might lead you to look for same day delivery CBD in your area. The good news is, it does exist! At CBDstar we have partnered with Vaperun to offer CBD products as well as vaping equipment delivered to you the same day you place your order. 

How does same day delivery CBD work?

You will need to head over to the Vaperun website. You will then enter your postcode to find out if the service is in your area. Once you have entered the site you will be able to shop for best selling products that can be sent out to you that day. Once you have selected your products you choose a timeslot to suit you. However, to get an earlier slot you need to order before 2 pm. The latest you can place an order for same day delivery CBD is 4 pm. 

What is available for same day Hemp delivery?

Vaperun stock the best selling CBD products, and quite a decent range to choose from. There are terpene infused e-liquids and tincture oils too. You will find different flavours, strengths and sizes. Head to the CBD shop when you get to the Vape Run website.

Can you buy CBD flowers?

Yes. You can buy CBD flowers and have them delivered to you the same day. We stock High Society CBD flowers and Journey CBD flowers too. These can be vaped using a dry herb vaporizer, which you can also buy from CBDstar and Vaperun’s website. 

Can I buy Vape devices for CBD?

Vaperun stock a variety of devices, from your big cloud kits to your smaller pod devices. The smaller pod and starter kits are ideal for vaping CBD as they are less likely to leak. CBD also moves through them easily. When you order a vape device from Vaperun you will have the option to have the item pre set up for you. This will save you the hassle of charging it and installing the coil. You can then get started right away vaping your CBD.

What if same day CBD isn’t in my area yet?

If that is the case then you can take advantage of our free two-day shipping. Not ideal if you want your item now, however, at least it saves you the time, parking and petrol from going into town. Keep checking your postcode as Vaperun is rolling out in new places all the time. Watch this space. 

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