What is Para-Cymene?

What is the terpene Para-Cymene and what does it do

You might have heard of terpenes, such as para-Cymene. Terpenes occur in plant matter and there are thousands of them in the plant world, and a hundred or so in the cannabis world. It is the terpenes which give certain herbs and plants their aroma and effects.

Cymene is a terpene found in cumin, coriander, tyme, oregano and cannabis. The common form of cymene is p-cymene. This is a extracted as a colourless liquid with a mild citrus scent. You will find this as an ingredient used in cakes and confectionary, as well as fragrances.

What are the benefits of Para-Cymene?

Just as with all terpenes there are potential benefits to your well being and to help alleviate some of your health conditions. This terpene has:

  • Antibacterial properties
  • Antifungal properties
  • Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory uses
  • Potential to help with pain relief

Where can you find this terpene?

Para-Cymene exists within cannabis. Cannabis is not legal to buy here in the UK, however you can still experience the terpenes within full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD is legal in the UK and has no psychoactive effects. It only offers numerous benefits to your health conditions and concerns.

Full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC. This is because it is extracted in a different way and much less aggressively. This ensures that the terpenes remain, but so does some THC. However, this is such a small quantity that it won’t get you high.

How do you take full spectrum CBD?

You have a variety of ways in which you can use CBD. You can vape it, drop it as an oil in your mouth or eat it in the form of a gummy. The most bioavailable and fast acting way to take CBD is through vaping it or using tincture drops. When you use CBD e-liquid the CBD reaches your capillaries and bloodstream much faster than any other method. If you are after a quick relief from your ailment or condition then this might be for you.

You can buy full spectrum CBD here. If vaping CBD isn’t for you then check out the tincture drops which go on the inside of your cheek, where the skin is thin. This is another fast way to get into your system. You can view tincture drops here, we have them in various concentrations depending on your need and sensitivity.

Find out what concentration you need here.

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