What is CBD

What is CBD. We explain what cbd is and where its from

What is CBD? Amongst the noise in the industry sometimes we forget to answer the simple questions. We noticed that we hadn’t even answered it in our videos! We put together one therefore explaining exactly what it is.

If you are more of a reader than a watcher, we have broken down the video’s key points for you here. This should answer the key questions you will have.

What is CBD

So, what is it exactly? Approximately 100 organic elements found in the cannabis plant, make up the compound Cannabidiol, or CBD. The good stuff makes up 40% of cannabis plant matter, extracted from the flower and oils. This is because plants are made up of a lot of liquid and oil too, just as humans are made up of 90% water. The extraction process creates a collection of oils. This concentrate or distillate, contains the CBD. It also contains a host of other items such as terpenes. Ultimately this is what produces whole plant cannabis CBD.

distillation cbd where does cbd come from
How is CBD made – Image courtesy of Youtube.com

Is there CBD in hemp?

In short, yes. hemp seed and the hemp plant do produce CBD. Being a bio-accumulator though, means it draws up toxins from the soil. Required to produce CBD therefore, is a considerable amount of hemp. CBD from whole plant cannabis is therefore more abundant and why full spectrum CBD is more in demand.

Does it get you high?

No, it does not get you high, it contains no psychoactive properties. Discovered in 1940, there is still no evidence 80 years later that psychoactive properties exist. What do we mean when we say psychoactive – we mean ‘Get you high’.

Any reports that stronger milligram strength makes you high, means it’s likely the product has something other than CBD in, so be cautious.

How does CBD work?

The human body’s endocannabinoid system draws Cannabinoids toward it. Accepted scientifically, this is not in question. Click the link above to read about what some refer to as weed receptors in The Scientist Magazine. In summary, your body has two types of endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Found in the brain are CB1 receptors, CB2 on the surface of cells. Found scattered around the body are the CB2 receptor cells. Also attached to the nervous system. This is how they work as one complete network.

Fired when receptors come into contact with CBD is a serotonin like response. This is likely what has led to the reported benefits. Serotonin is the body’s happy drug, that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Releasing Serotonin may make it no surprise why anxiety sufferers report benefits from CBD.

What does it supposedly help with?

  • Anxiety – 71% of users of Cannabidiol products use it for anxiety relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Insomnia – reduction of anxiety and release of serotonin could assist in sleep improvement
  • Muscle Recovery – Fighting inflammation would help muscle repair post workout
  • Seizure control – approved medicines by GW Pharma signed off by MHRA and US FDA. Epidiolex and Sativex.

We hope you have found this post useful, if you want to check out the video, you can view below, or click the link to our channel here.

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